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Electronic toll collection system “BelToll”

Since August 1st 2013 the electronic toll collection system BelToll has been put into commercial operations in Belarus.

As of November1st 2015, the total length of the toll roads in Belarus amounts to 1513 km.

The use of the “BelToll” system is compulsory for drivers, steering the following types of vehicles:

  • vehicles (passenger cars and minibuses) with Maximum Laden Weight less than 3.5 tons, registered outside of the Customs Union;
  • other vehicles (trucks, buses and motor homes) with Maximum Laden Weight of over 3.5 tons.

Vehicles with Maximum Laden Weight not exceeding 3.5 tons registered inside the Customs Union are not liable to pay the toll fee. 

The following categories of vehicles are also exempted from the electronic toll payment:

  • motorbikes and motorcycles;
  • wheeled tractors and self-propelled vehicles, registered on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
  • special operation vehicles;
  • vehicles used for the purposes of ensuring the defensive capacity and enforcement of the law;
  • fixed-route taxis used for urban transportation of passengers;
  • vehicles used for delivery of medical care, emergency response or transportation of humanitarian aid.

The amount of toll depends on vehicle’s maximum laden weight and number of axles. 

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus imposed  the following rates for the calculation of toll fees collected on the toll roads depending on vehicle’s Maximum Laden Weight and number of axles:

  • vehicles with a maximum laden weight not exceeding 3.5 tons – 0.04 euro/km;
  • 2-axle motor vehicles with a maximum laden weight of over 3.5 tons – 0.09 euro/km;
  • 3-axle motor vehicles with a maximum laden weight of over 3.5 tons – 0.115 euro/km;
  • 4-axle (and more) motor vehicles with a maximum laden weight of over 3.5 tons – 0.145 euro/km.

For the usage of the electronic toll collection system “BelToll” drivers need to register in the system, sign a contract and rent an Onboard Unit (OBU). It can be done in one of the Customer Service Points (Customer Service Points current addresses and their working hours are available at 

All the necessary information on the electronic toll collection system “BelToll”, vehicles obliged to pay toll, tariffs and regulations as well as on the mounting of the OBU can be obtained at BelToll Call Center Infoline +375 (172) 798 798 working 24/7.

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